About SABG:

The Saudi Arabia Business Gate (SABG) is the first online platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that connects local Sellers with their Customers locally and globally (B2B). Where the platform enables manufacturers, producers and service providers to display all their products and services easily and smoothly around the clock with a special page for each facility or seller, as well as enabling users of those products and services to search and access them with ease while displaying product or service data complete with direct contact information and location knowledge Branches and points of sale locally and globally.

The platform focuses on providing a showcase for the products and services of business owners at the level of companies, institutions, farms, as well as individuals to increase local and global presence.

The Goal of SABG is to make it easy to reach and connect with local Sellers and to be globally connected.

SABG for Sellers:

* Enhancing performance, sales and local and global presence.

* Attract more potential customers.

* Customer centralization and ease of customer access.

* Digital attendance with the order and purchase management system.

* Increasing productivity and focusing on manufacturing, quality and development.

* Create and increase the credibility of your brand.

SABG for buyers:

* Ease of searching and accessing the product.

* Access to the local product from its direct source.

* Ease of communication with sellers at any time and from anywhere.